Shoe me another shoe

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shoes speak louder then men do. You need to get some attention from the opposite sex then become more careful of the shoes you are wearing.

Choose heel huggers in shoes especially when selecting walking or running shoes. A snug fit in the heel of shoes is particularly important in helping to prevent such injuries as twisted ankles and knee problems. But it is also important because men flip flopping in their shoes is not a pleasant site.

Schedule shopping for shoes for a day when you have plenty of time. This will allow you to try on several pairs, and even hit several shoes stores if necessary. Men who think they can shop in half the time women tend to go wrong always. If you know the shoes brand you want, or if you need a very specific shoes style, you can call ahead and see if the store carries what you need, so you don't waste a drive. Prepare! Shoes are never an easy buy.

Wear the kinds of socks you'll most likely wear with the shoes in the future, and be sure to take along any bulky inserts or orthotics that you'll need to wear with the shoes. Imagination never helps but the right shoes.

Men get defined by their shoes quite a lot; their first impression is not only based on their shoes but is defined solely by them. Trust me I know.


Bumble & Bumble

Cosmetics can be a difficult pick especially with all the variety of cosmetics that is available. Hair products get a lot of attention in cosmetics.

Bumble and Bumble is a New York City-based hair care company. It covers all aspects of hair care from shampoos to conditioners to hair therapy to hair styling and hair grooming crèmes and hair sprays.

Creme De Coco Hair shampoo, the Curl Conscious conditioner, and the Sumo wax. Bumble and Bumble stands out for catering to all sorts of diverse hair needs with its massive variety of hair products. Not only is there a great variety of hair products to choose from in Bumble and Bumble but their bottles are very consumer friendly and easy to use. The warm and invigorating scent of most of its hair products is just another plus.

Go pick the one that is just right for your hair texture and your hair needs; Bumble and Bumble doesn’t disappoint.


Color your eyes

Colored contact lenses are not a new concept; they have been popular for a while now. But what is important with colored contact lenses is that you pick the right eye color for yourself.
When you put in the expense of colored contact lenses you don’t only want your eyes to look prettier but you also want people to notice the change your eyes show.
Eye color that everyone notices immediately would be, for instance:
If your skin, hair, and natural eye colors have cool, blue-red undertones, you might choose warm-toned colored contact lenses.
Do you wear eye makeup? Choose colored contact lenses that will stand out from the shadow and mascara colors you like to wear.
If your natural eye color is brown, you might choose colored contact lenses in violet, green, or blue.
Color your eyes but for that intrigue you are looking for be careful with the color you pick. You wouldn’t want to wake up one morning with an eye color that looks bad!


Tips for brides

Every bride wants to look their very best on their wedding day; when else will you be the focus of attention of your closest friends, as well as the subject of a photographer chosen to capture you and your partner within a day that is both intimate and public? Every bride deserves to be the special lady of the day and look the best. The hairdo, the makeup, the bridal dress and how the bride conducts herself is the focus of everybody's attention on her wedding day and you will feel much more comfortable, if you have already done the dress rehearsal first. The biggest beauty tip for any bride is drink loads and loads of water and keep her stress level minimum. No beauty tip or treatment will work if you don’t drink enough water or you are highly stressed. Remember to choose your wedding makeup/hair style way early and it should be such that it looks good in photos too.

Some beauty tips for brides for remember:
Brides should drink 10 glasses of water each day
Eat 3-4 oranges every day for your daily doze of vitamin C essential for healthy skin on her wedding
Brides should cleanse, Tone and moisturize twice a day
Apply sunscreen everyday 20 minutes before getting out in the sun
Exfoliate twice a week
Brides should get a facial done once a month
Apply ubtan every now and often
Bride to be needs exercise 20 minutes everyday
Keep stress level at minimum, stress makes your skin bad
Get your last facial done 4-5 days before your wedding
Brides should keep the whole look classic and timeless. Don’t experiment with any new thing right before your wedding.


Colors of marriage in Pakistan

Wedding is one of the most important occasions for any girl, and she wants to make it the most outstanding one. And wedding dress is a thing that helps make her wedding a special event. But as happens with all brides, they do not know what is hot and what is not; should they go for traditional or modern dress.
Usually brides settle on traditional heavy work wedding dress because on a very few occasions girls garb themselves in such beautiful and colorful dresses. But brides remember that profiles must be feminine. These days brides love pastel shades and whites for wedding dresses. Many designers combine the look of the modern world and the traditional wedding dress designs. The result is some cool designs which look very Pakistani but show some western influence. These designers select colors like red, rust, maroon in the winters and pink, cream, and gold in the hotter weather in wedding dress. Today brides prefer a contemporary look, a balance of modern with the tradition in their wedding dresses. Yet, there are brides who don’t mind being more colorful or going for the mix and match look. Fashion is creating and destroying at the same time, according to fashion designers so lots of colors keep going and coming in wedding dresses.

Brides pay a lot of attention to their wedding dress especially the color for that makes the most difference.


Fahad Hussayn at Pakistan Fashion Week 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Soothing colors with the fine textured fabric is the key of the designed philosophy of Fashion designer Fahad Hussayn at the Pakistan Fashion week.
Pakistani Fashion Industry is tremendously making its prominent position among the leading Fashion industries of the world.

In the first Pakistan Fashion Week, similar to some other Pakistani Fashion designers, Fashion designer Fahad Hussayn also showcased the new fall resort collection. The collection of Fashion designer Fahad Hussayn has received high appreciation from almost all the Fashion celebrities. The Fashion assortment of the Fashion designer Fahad Hussayn was consist of both light & bright colored dresses, some with the combination and contrasts as well. Over all Black color was the most dominant shade of Fahad’s collection at the Pakistan Fashion week. Veiled black bridal gown added a different variety in the collection of the Fashion designer Fahad Hussayn. Fashion designer Fahad Hussayn also featured his designed Men’s wear, while presenting his couture collection at the Pakistan Fashion week. The men’s wear collection of Fashion designer Fahad Hussayn, black color remains prominent with the touch of light blue, red and gold. Large black ostrich feathers on the hats were another element of the designed collection by the Fashion designer Fahad Hussayn at the Pakistan Fashion week.

Soothing colors with the fine textured fabric is the key of the designed philosophy of Fashion designer Fahad Hussayn at the Pakistan Fashion week. Fashion designer Fahad Hussayn gave his Fashion anthology the title, “Love is Worth the Fall” and it was influence of his personal style.


Winter Eye makeup in Pakistan

Winter Eye makeup is very important to everyone in Pakistan. In Pakistan opportunity for winter eye makeup is eagerly awaited. With summer almost all year around enjoying winter eye makeup can’t be done for too long in Pakistan. Hence the winter eye makeup options are few and far in Pakistan. Winter eye makeup is all about defining your eyes firmly. Metallic is the best winter eye make up option. It is bold and it stands out defining the bold statement you are making.

Metallic colors help you emphasize your eyes according to winter eye makeup trends in Pakistan. In Pakistan the heat is so bad that we don’t get to experiment with our eyes much except for winter eye makeup.

Winter eye makeup needs careful application because of the dryness and the sensitive skin. In Pakistan there are some good brands finally showing interest in winter eye makeup. Winter eye makeup keeps in mind the special consideration of moisturizing and conditioning delicate Pakistani eyes.

Eyes are sensitive. Look out for moisturizing eye make up because there should be no compromise when it comes to your eyes.


Spring 2009 by Satya Paul

The spring 2009 collection of the Fashion designer Satya Paul also represent the spring season with the colorful bright colored Saries.

Fashion designer Satya Paul is no doubt, one of the well reputed names in the world of style and Fashion, internationally.

The recent fashion collection of the Fashion designer Satya Paul, for the spring of 2009 is another step to prove his guts. Fashion designer Satya Paul always designs according to the taste and requirement of the season & occasion. The spring 2009 collection of the Fashion designer Satya Paul also represent the spring season with the colorful bright colored Saries. Almost all his saries of Fashion designer Satya Paul for the spring 2009 collection are unique and with elegant multifaceted designed. Different comprehensive prints become one of the specialties of the Fashion designer Satya Paul.
Versatile Fashion designer Satya Paul always amazed us by launching some exclusive Fashion assortment, so he did the same at the spring 2009 collection.


Farichino Exhibition

Fashion designer Bushra Shahid introduced latest Fashion drift, particularly in Abayas, Aroosa (which is an Arabic Bridal dress) & a compilation of Pakistani bridal dresses.

Fashion Shows/Exhibitions introduces latest trends and brings variety in the Style and Fashion world, no matter at national or at international level. Recently Fashion designer Bushra Shahid, who is running Fashion brand Farichino, launched her newest Fashion assortment on the 10th of July, 2009 at the “Sharjah Ladies Club”, UAE.

In this Fashion Show Fashion designer Bushra Shahid introduced latest Fashion drift, particularly in Abayas, Aroosa (which is an Arabic Bridal dress) & a compilation of Pakistani bridal dresses. Fashion designer Bushra Shahid designs both for Arab and Asian countries. Farichino is the very first Pakistani Fashion brand, who establishes the amalgamation scheme of Arabian nights or fairy tales theme with the Pakistani enlightening touch. Farichino is also gaining first-class position in creating modern western garments with the eastern touch. Highness Shamma Bint Abdullah Al-Ghufi (Princess of Ajman) was the guest of honor of the Fashion event.

In this Fashion Show, Fashion designer Bushra Shahid mainly presented classic formal, traditional and Arabic outfits, particularly the Bridal wear and Abayas.


Kurta Collection '09 by Nabeel & Aqeel

The stunning Kurta Collection by Nabeel & Aqeel is a good additional change in the Pakistan's Style and Fashion industry.

One of the top leading names among the famous Fashion designers of Pakistan, Nabeel & Aqeel, has recently launched their Fashion anthology of the year 2009.

The stunning Kurta Collection by Nabeel & Aqeel is a good additional change in the Pakistan’s Style and Fashion industry. Both in light and in dark colors, their Kurta Collection hit the running fashion scenario. They have introduced new ideas of embroidery on both the front and back of their Kurta Collection.

Nabeel & Aqeel have started their fashion brand in 1999 and now because of their magnificent and unique concepts Nabeel & Aqeel are entering in the international fashion market as well. Before this collection they have proved themselves in the designing of kurta shalwar, ackan, shirt, suits, and ties etc for men’s wear.

Now let’s see what will be their next and innovative boost in the Style and Fashion world.


Western wear

Thursday, November 19, 2009

CUT FIT FINISH, my debut solo fashion show, which I have been working on for two months now. I wanted to keep it simplistic and focus mainly on the cut fit finish more than any embellishment. The collection had a vintage feel to it but at the same time had a modern edge. The colors were muted and soft, grey, pink, blue, white and beige highlighted with dori handwork in navy and off-white. The construction was done through draped fabrics and pleating with fitted silhouettes and layers of chiffon and frills, volume sleeves and ruching. I accessorized with my signature dragonfly which were handmade. The Hair and make up styling was done by Tariq Amin which he envisaged as an ethereal vintage look and kept the makeup soft and subtle, hair was kept textured. The choreography was done by Tariq and so was the music. Wowfactor were in charge of the event management and Catalyst in charge of P.R management. Shariq Chhapra made the visuals for the show and Uns Mufti (Rola Productions) and his team shot the show. Photography was done by Ayaz Anis and Kohi Marri.

The show had an amalgamation of models, celebrities and friends. I wanted to keep my first show as personal as possible by involving everyone and keeping it more of a fun friendly show that everyone could enjoy. I am very grateful for all the support from my family, friends for taking their valued time out to participate in making this show a success and meaningful. Thank you to amo and mum, for their support and love

This show will always be special to me, and it is very personal as well. I dedicate this show to my Grandfather who had been my biggest support, thank you Daddy for everything you will always be in my heart, thoughts and prayers.

I would like to thank everyone who walked in the show being a celebrity in their own right. Special thanks to Sajjad Hassan and Shakila, Tariq Amin, Nomi, Vinni, Tooba Siddiqui, Faisal Shah, Sunita Marshal and Hassan, Fayeza Ansari, Nooray, Yusra, Ayesha Toor, Fariha Khan, Sanam Saeed, Angeline Malik, Munna Musthaq, Faizan, Ayesha Chhapra, Nadia Malik, Tariq Gilani, the model boys - Wasif, Janzib, Nadeem, Danysh.


Eid Collection '09 By Tabassum Mughal

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tabassum Mughal is not just a name of a Fashion designer, but also the name of her brand, which is one of the Pakistan’s well-reputed Fashion brand. Fashion designer Tabassum Mughal is not just earning good name in Pakistani Fashion industry but also becoming popular internationally.

The fresh, unique and mostly bright colored designs of Fashion designer Tabassum Mughal always adds something exclusive in the style & Fashion world. The embroidery and accompaniments and the texture of the fabric, Fashion designer Tabassum Mughal use is worth admirable. Also the silhouette and finishing of the garment makes its designs different from the other brands.

Recently Fashion designer Tabassum Mughal has launched another fascinating Fashion anthology, for the up-coming Eid occasion. Each design of the collection is different from another and mostly having combination with some other attractive color. Particularly the embroidery on the dresses is representing our own beautiful culture on the special Eid festival.

In this Fashion launch Fashion designer Tabassum Mughal has beautifully and successfully played with the vibrant colors by giving new life to the designs.


Munib Nawaz Solo men’s fashion show

Sex, Power & Money, Inspire Life at Munib Nawaz’s first solo men’s fashion show in Pakistan in over 25 years.

12th August at Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi, Rado watches sponsored the first men’s solo show in Pakistan in over 25years showcasing the collection of Munib Nawaz, who recently became the first Pakistani to win the prestigious best men’s style designer of the year award at the Miami Fashion Week. The event was organized by Imran Kureishi, who put together a flawless show, the grooming and make up of the models was done by the maestro Khawar Riaz, who added a fourth dimension to men’s styling.

The event was based on the out of the box approach of the designer, Munib Nawaz, who was very excited about taking the risk of doing a solo men’s wear fashion show. His collection was called, Inspire Life, which took its roots in the philosophy of becoming and achieving a dream. Inspire life was all about going out there and getting things done, to live an inspired life and to lead a life that inspires those around you. The show was an early evening affair and very well attended with the who’s who of the media, fashion and music industry gracing the event, everyone was impressed with the management of the show and a punctual start.

The lights lit and the first entry at all men’s fashion show was Fayeza who trotted down in her distinct style wearing an ivory long jacket which revealed a short black sequin dress, setting the tone for the show, then entered a barrage of 20 male models who displayed the magnitude of the show. The choreography was “impeccable” as one journalist pointed out. The models looked stunning and still provocative thanks to the maestro Khawar Riaz.

What most inspires the designer are 3 elements which make him tick, SEX

Next was Power, which was interpreted as Black and structured, the designer created a line of 25 meticulously designed and luxuriously tailored suits. Gold waist coats and pocket squares confirm the trend of the collection. The suits were highlighted with their gold linings and matching waistcoats, giving a feel of the classic gentleman with an animal inside. This segment was uncompromising in every regard especially Chris Cornell being played at a fashion show gives it the unique Munib essence of rock n roll.

Then Sex was subtly placed in the wedding wear, the sherwanees were styled to look more modern without turbans and khussas. A slight refreshing take on an otherwise dull silhouette. This segment closed with Munib’s tribute to his country, as a model walked wearing a sherwanee that had the map of Pakistan on its back. This sherwanee was well applauded and the show reached its pinnacle when Iraj walked the ramp wearing a camouflage cape and added spunk to the show.

Overall a great evening with just the right mix of things, according to the designer, this was a “fully functional fashion show”.the event had it all, fashion, creativity, ambience, clean set, the right amount of people and ample glamour to keep your eyes on the ramp for the entire duration of the show. There was a great synergy between the sponsors, Rado and Munib Nawaz. Events like these show how 2 brands can synergize and create an environment which is subtle and classic.


FAQ Shoot

Here is another Fashion Show for adding more colors and variety in the Style and Fashion world. Fashion brand Satya once again boost the Fashion decorum, as Fashion designer Satya Paul has launched another exciting collection.

This time Fashion designer Satya Paul introduced outfits mostly with the eastern touch, especially his designed Saries were appreciated by all the Fashion admirers. Fashion designer Satya Paul has already earned a prominent name among the chief brands of the world, in ethnic women's wear and well-known for its lovely Saris.

Besides them, unique prints are becoming the recognition of the Fashion designer Satya Paul.


PFDC Collection by Maria B. at the Boulevard

Fashion designer Maria B. launched her Fashion anthology on the 9th of September, 2009; at the PFDC, the Boulevard, Park Towers Karachi.

This time Fashion designer Maria B. has come-up with some different designing style, the fresh and astonishing assortment amazed the Fashion lovers at the Fashion affair. The Maria B. Fashion collection was both in light and bright colors, with the combination of others as well. Particularly the outfit in light brown color with the beautiful embroidery of white & black and another uniquely prepared outfit in white color with the golden touch won the audience’s hearts.

Actually Pakistan School and Fashion design council has opened their new flagship store in Karachi, and in this regard they have arranged the Fashion affair, along with the name of some renowned designers. Maria B. was one of those who introduced her novel Fashion anthology.

Fashion designer Maria B. is working in the field of Style and Fashion since, 1999 and continuously accumulating her part in establishing the Pakistani Fashion industry.


Jewelry Polki & Diamond

Monday, November 16, 2009

Here we have brought the latest and remarkably designed Jewelry Polki and Diamond Collection of the Bushra Aftab and emerging designer Mehreen Sayed.

Both the designers launched their Jewelry Polki and Diamond fashion line together at the Fashion affair in Lahore. Bushra Shahid is not a new name of the style and Fashion industry, but after launching this Jewelry Polki and Diamond Fashion assortment she has tremendously earned good fame and success. Many prominent Fashion personalities and Fashion Jewelry lovers attended and appreciated the Jewelry Polki and Diamond Compilation of both the Mehreen Sayed and Bushra Shahid.

The stunning Jewelry Polki and Diamond collection of Bushra Aftab includes the necklaces, both heavy and light, with and without stones, earrings, delicate and heavy, Bracelets, rings, etc. Bushra Aftab decorated her Jewelry Polki and Diamond collection with different eye-catchy colors.

The Jewelry Polki and Diamond collection by Bushra Aftab is a must watch Fashion accessories, if your rally want to give yourself the desired dazzling look with elegance.


Mahid's Collection

Fashion shows or exhibitions have their own charm and importance in enhancing the Fashion move in the country.

Fashion designer Mahid Khawer exhibits the Fashion launch that boosts the chic mania, in the style and Fashion world. The latest fancy formal and Bridal prêt Collection of Mahid Khawer includes colors and a beautiful range of ideas in the world of Fashion designing. This collection by Mahid Khawer has opened the new door of concepts in the Bridal’s wear designing line.

This Fashion assortment of Mahid Khawer mostly displayed the ‘Lenghas’ in a different and unique way; with the amazing contrast of some dark & light colors, like red, mehroon, sea-green, white, pink, pistachio, skin etc.

This type of Fashion affairs & launches like the Fashion compilation of Mahid Khawer always grabs the attention of the Fashion lovers & followers through their dazzling designs.


Nilofer's Men Wear Fashion Collection

Fashion designer Nilofer Shahid launched another exciting but unique Fashion collection of men’s wear.

Fashion designing is the passion of the Fashion designer Nilofer Shahid, in her recent launch, Fashion designer Nilofer Shahid showcased some unique pieces for the men’s wardrobe, like the Sherwani, Shalwar kameez, and suit as well; but most of the dress were fancy and were for the Groom wear as well. The Fashion assortment of the Fashion designer Nilofer Shahid were generally in blue, black, silver and in multi-shaded color scheming. In fact, the outfit in the multi-shaded colors was the unique idea in the men’s wear; it was very formal fancy & elegant wear, which is undoubtedly a good addition in the style and fashion world.

Fashion designer Nilofer Shahid belongs to the family of the creative people, like Poets, writers, painters, and warriors etc, so she inherited the art of creativity. By holding the guts of creativity in her blood, Fashion designer Nilofer Shahid adopted the line of Fashion designing, no matter entirely different from the fields of her rest of the family members, but she has proved that she belongs to the family of artistic people. Fashion designer Nilofer Shahid actually got the inspirations for designing from the Islamic civilization; this might be the reason behind the remarkable expression of her designs.

Fashion designer Nilofer Shahid established her Fashion House, named ‘MEERAS’ in 1991, which is designated as one of the leading Fashion House of Pakistan and is also making prominent name at the international level as well.


Fashion Jewelry Affair

Well people, now we have the newest and hottest designed Jewelry line at the Fashion Jewelry Affair of the emerging designer Mehreen Sayed and Bushra Aftab.

Mehreen Sayed is a well reputed Fashion model, both at national and international level. Both the designers launched their Jewelry line at the Fashion Jewelry Affair together, in Lahore. Pakistani Fashion model Mehreen Sayed is not just a model now; she has also entered into the field of Fashion designing. After launching this Fashion Jewelry Affair, Mehreen Sayed has enormously gained good reputation and success. Many outstanding Fashion celebrities and Fashion Jewelry lovers attended and appreciated the Fashion Jewelry Affair by both the Bushra Shahid and Mehreen Sayed.

The stunning Fashion Jewelry Affair collection of Mehreen Sayed includes the necklaces, both heavy and light, with and without stones, earrings, delicate and heavy, Bracelets, rings, etc. Mehreen Sayed decorated her Fashion Jewelry Affair collection with different eye-catchy colors.

The Fashion Jewelry Affair collection by Mehreen Sayed was the successful Fashion accessories exhibition.


Borjan Collection

Tough, rouged, breathable and a very comfortable outdoor shoe, an innovation that has changed the kind of shoes we wear. In an era when footwear choices are limited, Digger is a very modern shoe embraced by
authentic style and casual flair which is a symbol of outdoor comfort with a touch of style & elegance. Its relaxed and classic designs, has always defined what it means to be modern and casual. Today, Digger
continues to be innovating, elegant and tough through shear technical excellence and genius designs.

The female winter collection is very colorful and is project oriented, each project has been dealt with separately with simple yet elegant designs to provide smartness and comfort to the women. Styles catering
to all walks of life have been introduced with a very chic choice in styles and colors.

Glam is an outdoor & indoor utility product for women, with errands to run and a social calendar brimming with activities, Glam collection fits the versatile lifestyles of today's women. For leisurely work or every
day wear, especially those who wish to participate in their evening activities. The target audience is in the age group of 16 years or older who dress up casually or formally. Glam is a slim look, charming

Formal Essentials is a stylish, formal & party wear collection specially made for all men who are Executives Officials in the morning attending meetings or simply dress up to look nice. This collection has been
designed keeping those people in mind who are looking for the latest fashion and want to look different from others. These people love to wear formal shoes whether in office or outside. One can feel the
timeless craftsmanship in every step that is taken to develop this collection.


Salwar Kameez, Pakistani Salwar Kameez Designs, Fashion UK, USA, Canada

Salwar Kameez for women being very famous around the globe. Salwar Kameez designers use the best material and attractive design to make it a trendy and vogue salwar kameez. Bargello has decided to help you by saving you from making the tedious trip to the never ending clothes shops for Salwar Kameez. Yes, you have got it right! With Bargello Women's Salwar Kameez you can shop online without the fear of tiring yourself out. They are fashionable, modern and Islamic clothing. You can find number of Salwar Kameez Suits in different types of clothes like Chiffon, Georgette, Katan, Jamawar, Banarsi, Cotton, Silk and Organza with embroidery motifs of Zardosi, Aari, Aabla, Badla, Cut-dana, Sequins, Resham work, beaded, and dabka. Our Salwar Kameez are made to measure and are stitched according to the measurement you provide with the order. Therefore, you avoid any misfit problem and always wear a dress that fits you the best.

A salwar kameez can be with sleeves, or sleeveless, long or short like baby doll, with straps haltered or strapless. Our Salwar Kameez have stylish cuts and best fittings, they are ultra-modern and recommended for any event in your life.

Kurta Styles
There are a number of styles available in the salwar kameez, some of them pertaining to the shirt only, while the other concentrating mainly on the trousers. The popular kameez styles include the simple fitted style, Angrakha style, Anarkali style, A-line style and kurta-style. In the first style, the kameez is made as per the measurements of the body, making it as fit as possible, while allowing for ease of movement. The Angrakha-style has been copied from the musicians of the royal court. It has one side of the shirt overlapping the other, at the side.

The Anarkali style of kameez is totally fitted to the body till the waist and from there on, it is cut in such a way that there is a lot of flare, almost like a skirt. It is somewhat similar to the dress worn by the Kathak dancers. The A-line kurta, as the very name suggests, takes the shape of an A. It is fitted at the top and widens up, as the length of the shirt increases. In the kurta-style kameez, the fitting is a bit loose and there is a collar as well. It is widely being worn by the women of the present generation.

Salwar Styles
In terms of salwar, the basic styles include churidaar, Patiala salwar, Pathani salwar, straight trousers and bell bottoms. In the last two styles, the kameez is shortened in length a bit, going above the knees. Getting back to churidaar, it is a tightly-fit trouser, which has a buttoned cuff at the ankle and falls into folds at the end (looking like a set of bangles resting on the ankle). Then, you have the Patiala salwar, which has much more flare than the normal one. It drapes in an elegant mould, forming even folds from hip to ankle

Patani salwar, as the very name suggests, has been taken from the salwars worn by the 'Pathans' (a caste in Muslims). It is baggy at the top, but tapers down as it reaches the ankles. Apart from this, the salwar can also be altered to take the form of straight trousers and bell bottoms. While churidaar, Patiala salwar and Pathani salwar count amongst the traditional Indian clothing items, the style of straight trousers and bell bottoms is a result of the increasing influence of western cultures, on the country.

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