Australia Fashion week in Sydney

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


London Fashion Week: Burberry Spring/Summer 2010 collection

A Burberry collection wouldn't be complete without the trademark mac and the spring/summer 10 collection made no exception to the rules in that department.


Emma Watson most bankable actress of 2010

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has been named as the most bankable female star of the noughties. Appearances in six Harry Potter films have net the actress $5.4 billion dollars. Additional voiceover work in The Tale of Despereaux means that she's got more earning power than her co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint.


Paris Fashion Week -- Martin Margiela Spring / Summer 2010

Monday, December 28, 2009


CIFF Trends Spring/Summer 2010 challenging creativity

CIFF has asked the French trend agency NellyRodi for their ideas on what will characterise the fashion scene for spring/summer 2010 - and there is no doubt that the current financial situation will dictate a completely new framework.

CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair) in Bella Center is now ready for the August version of Copenhagen's fashion week from 6-9 August.
For a long time, the French trend agency NellyRodi has been working on the trends for spring/summer 2010, and they have now decided on four trends: 'Light Tech', 'Ode to Nature', 'Southern Folk' and 'Popular Appeal'.


Fashion Show at 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Time for the Second-class Photographer to come on stage again. Right before my Shogun dinner at 1 Utama the other day, I managed to watch the last few minutes of the Fashion Show. This is all because I arrived late, around 6:30pm! Anyway, it was still lucky that I can still manage to see some pretty chicks on the stage. I didn’t pay any attention to their latest fashion, I could only see the chicks

I was descending on the elevator when I got this shot. Quite a large crowd gathered around the stage and a handful of photograhers with their SLR digital cameras snapping away in front of the stage. I dare not went close to them with my tiny digicam.


Song for the Mute Winter Fashion 2010

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Menswear Clothing by Song for the Mute

Collection: Ink – Autumn/Winter Fashion 2010

Ink: Autumn & Winter Fashion Collection 2010 (Southern Hemisphere) is the first ever menswear showing by Australian label Song For The Mute. There are two fashion designers behind the label, Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty. Melvin is a graphic designer from Sydney, while Lyna is a Parisian-born, italian trained fashion designer. Read more about Song For The Mute here in an exclusive interview with the designer duo - Song For The Mute Interview

Considering the duo both quit their full-time jobs to persue their passion on a limited budget, the overal collection for 2010 is impressive to say the least.

The debut Ink winter collection includes a solid range of clothing styles including jackets, jeans, shirts, t-shirts, pants and scarfs.The fabrics used are diverse, including organic cotton, linen, wool, viscose and even metal (the buttoned scarf is made up of 95% cotton and 5% metal!).

Song For The Mute is a menswear label that is cleary following in the foot steps of fellow Australian high-end casual themed labels such as Chronicles of Never, St Augustines Academy, Claude Maus and Beat Poet.


Toby Jones Necklaces – Boutique Jewellery

Toby Jones Jewellery

Boutique mens & womens jewellery by Australian Designer Toby Jones

Spring & Summer Jewellery Collection 2009 – 2010

The latest Toby Jones collection features a range of unique necklaces for both men & women. The necklaces are custom in design and style, featuring brushed precious metals.


Does Not Equal Jewellery 2010

Boutique Designer Jewellery by Charisse Black

“Black Truth / White Lies – Continuum” – 2010 Collection

Rings, Necklaces & Bracelets

Charisse Black continues her march forward with Does Not Equal – her leading Australian boutique jewellery label. The latest release is the 2010 collection “Black Truth / White Lies – Continuum”. Australian Fashion Review had a few quick words with Charisse to find out more about the latest jewellery range.

Q1) Where did you get the inspiration for the latest collection? Is there a theme or message behind it all?

This collection is a continuation from our last release, with 20 new pieces. Titled “Black Truth / White Lies – Continuum”, the theme and inspiration has remained strong, being based on the battle with honesty and dishonesty. Each piece contains symbolic elements of violence, power, hope, restriction, and compassion. Ironically, the pieces have the most impact when worn in conjunction with another; i.e. the dagger necklace worn with the outstretched hand. They visually have a beautiful juxtaposition as well as symbolically.

Q2) What can we expect from Does Not Equal in 2010 and beyond?

Initially, 2010 will see Does Not Equal stocked in more boutiques nationally… We have a really honest admiration for our stockists; we always strive to find the best retailers in Australia who offer something a little different to their customers. It’s an exciting and really enjoyable process.
We will also be branching out into other areas of design, as well as exploring opportunities internationally.


Vintage Fashion Leather Jackets & Coats

The fashion trend for 2009 definately has the scent of an old school favourite – vintage leather fashion, or more particularly, leather jackets & coats. While browsing through some of Australias top fashion labels, a common theme throughout many of the designer brands was noticed- leather. And not just the more traditional staple of leather bags or leather wallets, but modern styled vintage leather jackets!

Vintage leather jackets are back in fashion with a bang, and its not limited to the one sex. We found an array of Australian fashion designers releasing mens leather jackets, as well as womens leather jackets in various cuts and styles.

Fashion Review Australia decided to pay tribute to the old school favourite ‘the leather jacket’ by compiling the modern, yet traditional retro vintage leather jacket look – check them out below!

Bec and Bridge womens leather jacket

Witchery Mens Leather Jacket

Chronicles of Never mens & womens leather jacket

Ellery womens leather jacket

Nique mens leather jacket

Ginger and Smart Womens Leather Jacket

Ksubi unisex womens & mens leather jacket

Lisa Ho Womens Leather Jacket

Sass & Bide Womens Leather Jacket

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