Nilofer's Men Wear Fashion Collection

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fashion designer Nilofer Shahid launched another exciting but unique Fashion collection of men’s wear.

Fashion designing is the passion of the Fashion designer Nilofer Shahid, in her recent launch, Fashion designer Nilofer Shahid showcased some unique pieces for the men’s wardrobe, like the Sherwani, Shalwar kameez, and suit as well; but most of the dress were fancy and were for the Groom wear as well. The Fashion assortment of the Fashion designer Nilofer Shahid were generally in blue, black, silver and in multi-shaded color scheming. In fact, the outfit in the multi-shaded colors was the unique idea in the men’s wear; it was very formal fancy & elegant wear, which is undoubtedly a good addition in the style and fashion world.

Fashion designer Nilofer Shahid belongs to the family of the creative people, like Poets, writers, painters, and warriors etc, so she inherited the art of creativity. By holding the guts of creativity in her blood, Fashion designer Nilofer Shahid adopted the line of Fashion designing, no matter entirely different from the fields of her rest of the family members, but she has proved that she belongs to the family of artistic people. Fashion designer Nilofer Shahid actually got the inspirations for designing from the Islamic civilization; this might be the reason behind the remarkable expression of her designs.

Fashion designer Nilofer Shahid established her Fashion House, named ‘MEERAS’ in 1991, which is designated as one of the leading Fashion House of Pakistan and is also making prominent name at the international level as well.


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