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Monday, November 16, 2009

Tough, rouged, breathable and a very comfortable outdoor shoe, an innovation that has changed the kind of shoes we wear. In an era when footwear choices are limited, Digger is a very modern shoe embraced by
authentic style and casual flair which is a symbol of outdoor comfort with a touch of style & elegance. Its relaxed and classic designs, has always defined what it means to be modern and casual. Today, Digger
continues to be innovating, elegant and tough through shear technical excellence and genius designs.

The female winter collection is very colorful and is project oriented, each project has been dealt with separately with simple yet elegant designs to provide smartness and comfort to the women. Styles catering
to all walks of life have been introduced with a very chic choice in styles and colors.

Glam is an outdoor & indoor utility product for women, with errands to run and a social calendar brimming with activities, Glam collection fits the versatile lifestyles of today's women. For leisurely work or every
day wear, especially those who wish to participate in their evening activities. The target audience is in the age group of 16 years or older who dress up casually or formally. Glam is a slim look, charming

Formal Essentials is a stylish, formal & party wear collection specially made for all men who are Executives Officials in the morning attending meetings or simply dress up to look nice. This collection has been
designed keeping those people in mind who are looking for the latest fashion and want to look different from others. These people love to wear formal shoes whether in office or outside. One can feel the
timeless craftsmanship in every step that is taken to develop this collection.


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