Shoe me another shoe

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shoes speak louder then men do. You need to get some attention from the opposite sex then become more careful of the shoes you are wearing.

Choose heel huggers in shoes especially when selecting walking or running shoes. A snug fit in the heel of shoes is particularly important in helping to prevent such injuries as twisted ankles and knee problems. But it is also important because men flip flopping in their shoes is not a pleasant site.

Schedule shopping for shoes for a day when you have plenty of time. This will allow you to try on several pairs, and even hit several shoes stores if necessary. Men who think they can shop in half the time women tend to go wrong always. If you know the shoes brand you want, or if you need a very specific shoes style, you can call ahead and see if the store carries what you need, so you don't waste a drive. Prepare! Shoes are never an easy buy.

Wear the kinds of socks you'll most likely wear with the shoes in the future, and be sure to take along any bulky inserts or orthotics that you'll need to wear with the shoes. Imagination never helps but the right shoes.

Men get defined by their shoes quite a lot; their first impression is not only based on their shoes but is defined solely by them. Trust me I know.


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