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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nope, they’re not Chinese characters, just some 4 famous fashion logos placed together. It is interesting to discover luxury labels implement some kind of “overlapping” or “interlocking” methods when creating their iconic trademarks, using the first letter of their names.

“CC” stands for Coco Chanel while “GG” means Guccio Gucci. Ever wonder who did it first? Basing from the time they founded their companies, Chanel seems to be the first one to do this. Chanel was founded 1909, while Gucci started theirs 1921. Some say the Chanel logo was not trademarked until during the first openings of Chanel stores (maybe 1909?). On the other hand, the interlocking double G logo of Gucci was used in the mid-60s.

Fendi (founded 1925) and Givenchy (founded 1952) followed the same style.

Little did we know, the use of letters or initials as company logo was started by the French luxury fashion and leather goods company, Louis Vuitton. Way back in 1888, the “LV” logo and the “Damier Canvas” pattern was made. Reversing the letters LV maybe didn’t looked good, so probably the best thing to do is to overlap the “L” and the “V”. What do you think?

Louis Vuitton


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