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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lover – Australian Womens Fashion

The creative duo Susien Chong and Nic Briand perform the balancing act behind Australian fashion label Lover. Self described as ‘the same album, different songs’ the fashion pair have taken their fashion and graphic design talents to create a clothing label that continually represents a unique and refreshing approach to the world of female fashion.

Lover began like so many budding fashionistas, at the Bondi markets in 2001. The Lover fashion label is now a celebrity favourite, with the likes of Abbie Cornish, Kate Hudson, Kate Bosworth, Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams all fans of the Lover fashion initiative. Lover is now sold throughout boutique shops in Australia, as well as overseas in NZ, USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Singapore and the United Emirates.

The Lover label really found its feet back in 2005, when the label collaborated with denim fashion empire Levi’s to release a limited edition ‘Lover loves Levis’ pair. Popularity far exceeded the limited 1,000 run production. Lover has since achieved national and international media coverage in the US, UK, Australian Vogue, Teen Vogue, Nylon, Harpers Bazaar, Rolling Stone, Yen plus many many more.

We well finish on a note by the Lover duo – “We started the label based on what we loved and admired, in turn we’ve created our own world with a mix and match of our favourite heroes, muses, films and songs. We’ve found Lover ladies all over the world who share a similar vision who have re interpreted the garments in their way, and for us that’s perfect”.


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