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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

High-End Mens & Womens Fashion Label – Fernando Frisoni Clothing

The South American born Fernando Frisoni has drawn upon his Sao Paulo/Brazilian background to bring us a fresh Australian fashion label with strong and unique design elements. Fernando Frisoni uses natural colours in all his clothing pieces. Black, white and shades of grey are the core staple ingredients. His style is evidently free-flowing and comfort-driven. In some of the fashion pieces, you can clearly draw parallels between Fernando Frisoni clothing and martial art costumes/uniforms. Loosely worn capes, jackets, blazers and vests represent the Fernando Frisoni ‘easywear’ style.Fernando Frisoni fashion includes both mens and womens clothing collections.

Believe it or not, back in the year 2000 Fernando Frisoni migrated to Sydney and could not speak a word of English. Fernando took on a sales assistant role at Giorgio Armani where he soon gained a reputation for achieving high dollar average sales of $12,000 thanks to his passion for fashion, and charismatic personality.

Fernando Frisoni

Move forward six years to 2006, and Fernando was well on his way to launching his own fashion label, combining with Australian fashion designer Nicola Finetti to launch ‘Frisoni Finetti’ a dedicated high-end fashion label to menswear. The label was an instant success, and was soon stocked at high-end stores Assin in Sydney, Marais in Melbourne, as well as internationally in Tokyo and LA.

The Frisoni Finetti fashion label was said to fill the gap in the menswear market . The gap between the Arthur Galan, Herringbone style at one-end, and the Ksubi street style on the other.

Fernando also started working for the Sun Herald, posting images of ‘fashionistas’ on the streets of Sydney.

Fast forward another few years and we see the launch of Fernando Frisoni standing on his own two feet. The self-titled label has a focus for ‘modern classicism’ which combines relaxed tailoring and avant-garde design.

Fernando Frisoni’s ability to literally go from nothing to something in such a short timeframe is worth a shout out at least. We are sure that this is just the beginning for Fernando Frisoni high-end mens and womens clothing.


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