Life after Gladiators

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Life after Gladiators

Gladiator Sandals – In or Out?

It’s been over two years (NB. in fashion years, an eternity) since Balenciaga marched their calf-encasing gladiatorial shoes down the runway inciting a united gasp amongst the fashion world. Even before we had all exhaled, the gladiator trend seized the world, unleashing an army of on-trend women ready for urban battle into streets from New York to Newcastle, Paris to Perth.

As summer 09/10 sweeps across our nation, I have found myself standing in front of my shoe collection perplexed. After two summers of completely decimating all of my gladiator sandals (black, tan, white, gold and even a red pair) I find myself questioning my summer fashion direction: do I replace the gladiators with even more gladiators? Do I go in a new direction? Are there even any alternatives out there?

Thus, began my own quest to seek life beyond the Gladiator. With fashion trends toppling from the catwalk into Topshop then being tossed in the bargain bin within the space of days, I cannot subscribe to any notion that gladiators is still the only trend for summer flats. Fashion cycles move fast. Surely there is someone out there coming up with the next big thing in shoes.

Judging by the amount of chunky-dominatrix-sporty heels models have been parading down the catwalk at the Spring 2010 shows, I feel absolutely certain shoe designers will knock the heels off these looks and flatten them out… but maybe not in time for our summer season.

In the meantime, I have hunted in stores, online, on catwalks and on the high street and though gladiators still proliferate, I see glimmers of something new in the flat shoe horizon. Gladiators are metamorphosing into dominatrix styles, resplendent with studs and tassles. Obviously our love affair with women looking fierce and strong is not over yet


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