The Cassette Society Summer Fashion 2010

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Eighties inspired summer fashion

The summer clothing collection for 2009/2010 by Australian womens boutique label The Cassette Society. The Cassette Society is a boutique womenswear label founded by two girls, Katie Boyd and Tania Rickards back in 2006. The labels name is reflective of how the girls are ‘eighties gals at heart’ – when cassettes were the ‘ it’ technology.

Katie and Tania describe their niche approach to fashion as "Good times" and "Bitchin".

Katie explains: "Its bitchin because its expressive. You can be whatever your mood desires. It’s like painting a picture…"

Well girls, let the good times role and keep bitchin because the clothing collections released by The Cassette Society are growing more popular by the season. Australian Fashion Review is a fan – check out the eighties gals inspired collection below.


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