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Friday, December 18, 2009

2010 The trench coat

It was used by many armies during the First and Second World War.
Above all, do not be confused with dust (Duster in English) which is a shelter, usually brown or cream with a layer of the sword, or so long that used to bring the cow-boys in the Far West United States.
The origin of the word is not any mystery: trench is in English.
150 years with the trench
The honourable house “made in England” knows his classics are … And what a classic!
Founded in 1856, the house Burberry is due mainly to Thomas Burberry, a couple of unique touches and a great idea to say the least. Go back in time…. In 1879, Thomas Burberry was looking for a unique material that allows the creation of a garment comfortable and resistant to rain. His studies were the result gabardine.

A fabric composed of threads so thick that they were able to resist moisture. Thomas Burberry created the impetus to find the secret formula of his first coats.
The success of this was real tight. Orders fell from the sky, until the army itself became one. Thomas Burberry recovered design of old coats of British officers that he had designed was thirteen years for the Ministry of War. Added metal rings and shoulder and go: thus was born the trench!
From the trenches to the street.

At the turn of the front, the soldiers held the trench, thus introducing them into civilian life. The years went by and the trench was still retaining its original form. It consists of 26 pieces of varying size raincoat, plus a belt with loops.
Composite double buttoning, the trench is declined in the traditional colours such as khaki, beige or black. The trench keeps bands of fabric inside the seam, which originally planned to be fixed to the legs better and better adapted to the body.


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