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Friday, December 18, 2009

Has been the trend that has stepped on more strongly in recent parades: brightness around the eye with an iridescent glow. Forget about the smoky eyes and gives way to bright!

Although in principle easier to carry, this requires makeup, however, a certain skill. The golden rule is to highlight the eyes, first cover the eyelid with a neutral mobile clear (an anti-dark circles can work very well) to flush the lashes to brow.

Then with a brush or foam sticks, apply a pearly shade in pastel colours (sky blue, pink, mauve or green) around the eye, from the inside to outside, from top to bottom. You have to have the light hand!
Then another shadow powder applied in the same tone but somewhat darker (and less iridescent) only on the mobile eyelid.

For the brightness, apply a touch of pearly white in the middle of the upper lid, flush with the tabs, that is a must in 2010 fashion.
To avoid: colour masks. Choose a better “false black, softer than a black: colour plum, brown or navy blue. That is 2010 fashion. Nor do you get a lipstick that highlights a lot. It is best if you prefer a gloss (but does not glitter, it would be excessive)


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