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Friday, December 18, 2009

Chronicles of Never (Graz Eyewear) Sunglasses

Season: Black Noise White Rain 2009 - 2010 (Spring Summer Collection)

It seemed only a matter of time before Australian label Chronicles of Never grew its ever expanding branches of fashion into the realms of eyewear. For those of you who don’t know, Chronicles of Never is a label started by Gareth Moody (one of the original founders of Ksubi / Tsubi). Chronicles of Never launched successfully in 07/08 with the release of high quality jewellery. The next season’s collection saw the addition of clothing and footwear.

The newest collection ‘Black Noise White Rain’ includes an even greater array of fashion including jeans, scarfs, t-shirts, singlets, shoes, shorts, bags, vests and of course, sunglasses.

Chronicles of Never is fast finding its niche as an underground sub-culture dominated by the colours (or lack thereof) of black, white, grey and dark blues. The first sunglasses collection from Chronicles of Never includes a collobration with Graz Mulcahy (another former Ksubi man, now with his own label Graz Eyewear). A simple way to describe the style is retro, simple and classic made from black acetate frames with black lenses. The designs are timeless and are sure to be a success at boutiques across the globe.

Fashion Review Australia has always been a fan of Chronicles of Never. The release of eyewear only reinforces the labels progression as a successful Australian boutique label.

01 – Chronicles of Never Optic Thalamus.
02 – Chronicles of Never Optic Plexus.
03 – Chronicles of Never Optic Callosum.


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