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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Sass & Bide Denim Collection for Summer 2009/10

Sass and Bide is an Australian women’s designer label by duo Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton. You can read more about the label here –> Sass and Bide

Sass and Bide jeans have become a stock-staple wardrobe item for many female fashionistas. Therefore, Australian Fashion Review thought it might be an idea to post a Sass & Bide Jeans and Denim” special that highlights the latest for the 2009 and 2010 Australian summer. We thought it would be a fitting tribute to the label, which celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2009.

The Sass and Bide summer denim jeans collection applies the same design principles applied to previous years collections. The original Sass and Bide skinny-leg jeans kept their shape due to the blend of cotton, elastine or lycra. To this day, almost all of the existing Sass and Bide jeans have a small percentage (usually 1 to 3%) of either elastine or lycra to help maintain a hugging fit. Of course, the boyleg baggier jeans styles and some denim short options do not require this.

Similarly to other jeans labels, Sass and Bide have an array of cuts, colours, washes and embellishments in their jeans colllections. Most notable in their current denim collections is the addition of bronzed rivets, studs and even chains to give an added punk streetwear type edge, or a roman sophistication.

We couldn’t feature the Sass & Bide jeans collection without at least mentioning this (and last) years “every girl must have” Sass and Bide black rats. Just like the Sass and Bide skinny jeans frenzy all those years ago, the label did it all again in 2008/09 with the black rats skinny legging. If you haven’t already seen the Sass and Bide rats (you would have seen them but probably just have noticed) they are hybrid between leggings and jeans, given that they essentially replace either option. In other words, Sass and Bide rats (and yes there are copycats available everywhere now) could be worn with a short dress, oversized shirt or equivalent. And guess what? Sass and Bide black rats are now available in not just black (are you really surprised?). From gold to silver to bronze and back again, rats are clearly cool and not just hype for a single season.

Check out the jeans and rats collection for the summer of 2009 / 2010 by Sass and Bide below. And congratulations to the girls Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton for creating iconic women’s clothing brand for ten years!


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