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Friday, December 11, 2009

In 2009 we not only have luxury cloth coats, but also luxe leather and suede, which adds a new dimension and may even give you an excuse to add a leather classic to your wardrobe. As ever, when you pay more you will be rewarded with better quality in the form of luxury feel lather skin.

Suede and leather pieces can be costlier than wool Melton, camelhair and cashmere coats, and yet often leather clothing falls into the casual wear category. If spending a lot on a suede piece, make sure it suits the lifestyle you lead.

Some may prefer to regard suede items as occasion pieces.Suede marks and stains more easily than fabrics, and specialist suede cleaning can be far more expensive than regular dry cleaning.

These two leather ladies coats left, are designer wear by Burberry and Todd Lynn.
The Burberry leather coat, above far left is from the Harvey Nichols Autumn 2009 Winter 2010 collections and the belt wrap style is ideal for accommodating plenty of winter layers beneath it.
Near Left - Todd Lynn - Stylish, but fierce fitted leather coat best teamed with little more than a body con dress beneath it.
Far Right - Burberry Shearling coats provide not only warmth, but a casual understated fashion look. Available at Harvey Nichols.


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