Gareth Pugh: A gray area in fashion 2010

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The king of Goth design Gareth Pugh takes Paris. Pugh who does not look old enough to drive sure drives the fashion industry! This year we see a slightly different take on the classic Pugh designs. Known to incorporate leather on leather this year we saw the leather teamed with softer elements such as lace and chiffon.
The signature black was gone and it was replaced with every possible shade of gray. Tones went from a pale dove gray to pewter and everything in between. We saw strong pointed shoulders and short cropped biker jackets and of course skin tight leather pants.
The most striking element of the fashion show were the dramatic headpieces. Only rockers could really wear these but they were incredible. From feathered mohawks to headpieces covered with spikes to tightly wound buns the look seemed more out of this world then the end of the world.
A Pugh devotee Michael Stipes from REM said it best " the collection is very manga and very bold and I love it".


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