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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Boutique Designer Jewellery by Charisse Black

“Black Truth / White Lies – Continuum” – 2010 Collection

Rings, Necklaces & Bracelets

Charisse Black continues her march forward with Does Not Equal – her leading Australian boutique jewellery label. The latest release is the 2010 collection “Black Truth / White Lies – Continuum”. Australian Fashion Review had a few quick words with Charisse to find out more about the latest jewellery range.

Q1) Where did you get the inspiration for the latest collection? Is there a theme or message behind it all?

This collection is a continuation from our last release, with 20 new pieces. Titled “Black Truth / White Lies – Continuum”, the theme and inspiration has remained strong, being based on the battle with honesty and dishonesty. Each piece contains symbolic elements of violence, power, hope, restriction, and compassion. Ironically, the pieces have the most impact when worn in conjunction with another; i.e. the dagger necklace worn with the outstretched hand. They visually have a beautiful juxtaposition as well as symbolically.

Q2) What can we expect from Does Not Equal in 2010 and beyond?

Initially, 2010 will see Does Not Equal stocked in more boutiques nationally… We have a really honest admiration for our stockists; we always strive to find the best retailers in Australia who offer something a little different to their customers. It’s an exciting and really enjoyable process.
We will also be branching out into other areas of design, as well as exploring opportunities internationally.


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