2009 fashion customization

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Customization is the art of appropriate clothing, to give a little personal touch. Although some are true experts in the field of personalization, we must know the basis to start playing styles. How to recycle your old t-shirt? Then we give you all the tricks for the style back to a basic shirt.

Appropriate material

- A basic white cotton shirt or colour. You can also retrieve your shirts without sleeves or straps of cotton.
- Thread for sewing needles of different sizes.
- Pearls of rock, strass, badges, and locks.
- Scissors.
- A cup.
- A cutter.

I. Small ideas, big impact style fashion 2009

Given a small change to our clothes? As true stylists, looks original to imagine a cotton T-shirt as a basis.
- A vintage T-shirt: And if we give it a style “used” on our shirt? Simply add a soft colour and lots of salt for dyeing a bit faded. To touch the aged, paste in the English shields.
- A T-shirt 80’s: All the fans we look at Madonna’s “Finding Susan desperately.” T-shirts cut skirt with lace, pearl necklaces … It is easy to achieve. Simply sew pieces of lace on the shirt, for example in the sleeves, and white beads on her neck, as if carrying a necklace of several laps.
- A shirt glamorous and ethnic beads are strung, like when you were on vacation! To your taste, an African style with colourful beads or even a more glamorous style sewing beads metallic rock. Forget the pearls iridescent. In both cases, well together and put them in line at the edge of the collar or sleeves.

II. Touch for fashion 2009

I love the shirt printed. The problem is that you will not either measure. Whether you go small if you go big, you can adjust it easily.
- Cut the neck or the sleeves: The old shirt of your husband that you love can be transformed quickly into a dress-shirt. Just have to adjust it to make it more feminine.
- Bigger: Simply cut the inner and outer seams, and add a small strip of cloth (preferably the original lace or silk) and fix it between the seams.
-smaller: If it’s too long, do not look too much. The trick is to get the seams and adjust like a bra. Remove the inner and outer seams before cutting closer to the body.
You can also entertain doing transfers with embossed pictures, covers album…


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